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Imagehostx.com is an online storage company that provides a simple and convenient solution for sharing and managing your digital content. We provide premium features such as "One Time Links" and "Multi Uploads" for free to everyone.



Drag the image files into the box to upload images or select them by clicking on the box. You can upload many images with a single upload. You can share all images as a gallery with your friends.



Password protect your uploaded images and give access to certain people only, full privacy for your images. All password protected images are secured with a private tunnel.



For your convenience, you can retain your images for up to 3 years without needing an account. This means your precious memories and valuable files are securely stored for an extended period, offering you peace of mind and easy accessibility whenever needed.


Find Answers to Your Questions and Learn More About our free “image upload” Features

Any type of image file can be uploaded to imagehostx.com. You can upload up to 5 files per upload. Uploaded files must be legal and must not contain any

  • Adult/Nude Image
  • Child/Animal Abuse
  • Malware

Password protected images blocks direct access to gallery and image view for uploaded images. Without a password, it is not possible to view uploaded images. We also have hot-link protection so those images can only be viewed with the password.

Yes, there is a time limit for uploaded image files. You can store them for 3 years on our servers.

There is a report button on every image or gallery view page. You can click on this link to report the image file for us to check.

You must be a registered user to be able to delete your uploaded images. Login then go to "My Gallery" from your dashboard then select the images you want to delete then press on "Delete all Selected" button.

imagehostx.com specializes in image hosting, as our primary goal is to become the industry leader in cloud-based image hosting services. We are dedicated to providing our users with a 100% free service, top-tier servers and privacy to ensure the best experience possible.

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For abuse reports, there is a report button on every image or gallery view page. You can click on this link to report the image file for us to check.

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